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Heifer International is a global organization that is working to eradicate poverty and hunger through sustainable, values-based holistic community development.   Heifer distributes animals, along with agricultural and values-based training, to families in need around the world as a means of providing self-sufficiency.  Recipients must agree to "pass on the gift" by sharing animal offspring, as well as the skills and knowledge of animal husbandry and agricultural training with other impoverished families.  Our goal for the next two years is to collect enough money to purchase a heifer ($500).  In addition to purchasing a heifer, we hope to visit the Heifer farm in Rutland, Massachusetts to see first-hand the work of this amazing organization. 

To learn more about Heifer International check out their website at  If you would like to participate in our project, offering envelopes are available for our church school families and youth in Fellowship Hall.  Please note that the money collected through this program will not go toward the church budget. 


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Sunday Morning

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We offer childcare during our 10a.m. worship service, for our younger children in the Noah’s Ark room (Classroom #5) for newborns through 4 years old.   The room is always staffed by either our child care worker or volunteers.



A Typical Sunday Morning

What to Expect Each Sunday

All children will begin their morning in the Sanctuary.  Those children who are infants to age three/four can go to the Infant and Toddler Room (Classroom #5) starting at 9:50a.m.  After the Children's Message the children will be invited to the chapel for a time of singing -- teaching the children songs, enhancing our educational program in various learning environments.  At the close of our singing, the children will be dismissed to their classes. 


Pre-School will be in Classroom #2

Kindergarten and First Grade will be in Classroom #3

Second and Third Grade will be in Classroom #7

Fourth and Fifth Grade will be in Classroom #4

Sixth, Seventh and Eighth Grade will be in the Library


To see a detailed calendar for our church school program and see who will be teaching each Sunday, be sure to check out the Faith Formation tab and click on Teachers and Classes.   



Church School Curriculum

The Tools We Use to Teach Our Children


Preschool (Classroom #2) ~ The children in our preschool class learn about eight bible stories over the course of the year. They spend four weeks on one story. Each week involves a picture book and an activity to follow the story. This year they will learn the following stories: Noah's Ark; Joseph and the Coat of Many Colors; The Birth of Jesus; Daniel and the Lions; The Story of Easter; The Creation Story; Moses; and Jonah and the Whale.  This class is for children ages three and four years old.  


Kindergarten & First Grade (Classroom #3) and Second & Third Grade (Classroom #7) ~ The children in these classes will embraced the Deep Blue curriculum.  It is a comprehensive Bible study that covers the Bible over three years. It incorporates stories, science activities, arts and crafts, and games that will help our children discover what it means to be disciples of Jesus Christ. In our classrooms, we use colorful and engaging resources that encourage the children to "dive deeper" into the Bible and explore their faith in a fun and age-appropriate ways. 


The Fourth & Fifth Grade (Claassroom #4)  ~ The children in our fourth and fifth grade class will learn how the Bible came to be, how to use the Bible, the significance of the Torah and the important stories of the Old and New Testaments.  The teacher uses a book titled  "Teaching Children Bible Basics"  that provides lessons that stimulate creativity and critical thinking in our children.  The children in fourth grade have just received their own bibles and will need to learn how to use it.  For those children in fifth grade, it will reinforce the lessons from the previous year. 


Junior High (Library)  ~  The children in the Junior High class will focus on the lectionary year. The teacher uses a curriculum called Seasons of the Spirit which allows the youth to see the church in full circle.  They are able to connect with what they have been learning for the past several years to real world situations.  


Learning Centers  ~  Learning centers take place on the first Sunday of the month for those in Kindergarten through Eighth grade.  They are designed to broaden their Christian Education knowledge and to work together as a community.  The children will be begin their morning in the Sanctuary to participate in communion.  Those children in Pre-school will have regular church school.   


Christian Education Enrichment Program  ~  Our Christian Education Enrichment program is a multi-aged, one room classroom.  It provides an opportunity for our children to further their knowledge in our Christian tradition.  These programs are open to all children and are held on Sundays that are generally low in attendance.   





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