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Frequently Asked Questions


Why do we have a pledge campaign?

Our pledge campaign is our opportunity to invest for a two year period in the programs and ministries that are valuable to us as a congregation. We pledge our financial support so we can sustain a vibrant community of worship, service, and faith and carry God’s radical hope and extravagant love out into our world.

Why do a two year campaign?

The two‐year pledge cycle helps the church to more effectively plan long term and also allows us to keep our focus on deepening our faith rather than raising money.

How are my pledge dollars used?

Pledges support work far beyond the few hours we gather on Sunday morning. Increasing your pledge will deepen our ability as a community to spread the gospel in both word and deed.

Pledges maintain our vibrant community and allow us to spread the gospel throughout our wider community. Pledges allow us to maintain the building and open it up to the community to support recovery from addiction and other programs. Pledges create a lively open and affirming worship experience. Pledges support the daily work of the staff that make South Church’s mission happen. Pledges support our staff as they fill our space with music, build the faith foundations of our youth, help those in need in our community, and minister to our congregation in times of both sorrow and joy.

What’s different this year?

This year we are embracing the call to deeper waters with a challenge and opportunity for the congregation. Ten percent of any increase over last year’s pledge total will be committed to outreach ministries beyond the walls of South Church. This has the potential to increase the opportunities we have as a community to share our abundance with others. We hope this excites you to increase your pledge as well as to become involved in our outreach work.

How much should I pledge?

This is a personal decision but we encourage you to embrace the call to deeper waters. . This campaign is about discovering what we can accomplish together. If we all stretch a little we will be amazed how much further we can reach. Your pledge card has some guidelines as to how to think about your pledge vs. your household income with the modern concept of a tithe being 5%.

When and how do I make my pledge?

We will have a focus on our pledge campaign from February 21st through March 13th and we encourage you to make your pledge during that time period. You can put your pledge card in the offering plate during worship, send your pledge in by mail, e‐mail Lou-Ann Poirier at or by completing the online pledge form 

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