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Get Movin' 185 Challenge!

This year the Get Movin’ 185 Challenge is the week of June 4 to June 11. This fundraiser for everyone celebrates our Church’s 185th birthday!  Individuals can customize their challenge as they see fit to their schedule and lifestyle.

In the past our members have been creative! We had individuals who have biked, walked, swam, baked, wrote letters, lifted weights, or paddled the Merrimack River.  The important thing to remember is to Get Movin' and raise money for the ministries of South Church.  Our goal is to raise $8,150.  

What can you do this year using the numbers 1-8-5?


The deadline has been extended!!
Register by Sunday, May 29.   
The cost to register is:

$25 for adults ages 18 to 65

$10 for youth ages 15 to 18

$15 for seniors 65 and over

Families pay a maximum of $50

Click here for the entire "Get Movin' 185 Challenge" Packet.

Register on-line or by returning your registration form to the office with a check by Sunday, May 22!

To be a Participant
Choose an activity that you are willing to take part in at some point during the week of June 4 to June 11, 2022.  The activity can take place in one day or can be spread out throughout the week.  The goal of the activity must include the numbers one (1), eight (8) and five (5).  For example, you might set your goal as riding your bike for 18.5 miles on any given day or walk 1.85 miles each day of the week.


Organizing a Team 

If the activity that you have chosen is something adaptable to creating a team, we encourage you to do that.  You can be the captain of your team by recruiting other people to participate, allow others to join your activity, and organizing the actual activity.  For example, if you decided to go on a 1.85-mile hike on a specific day, you would need to communicate that to your teammates, make sure individuals on your team registers, and encourage them to recruit sponsors. 

To be a Sponsor
You can sponsor one of our participants individually or the event as a whole. 

We will update the participants on-line as they register; please check our current participant list here for more details. Click here to sponsor our participants!

If you choose to sponsor the event, we have four levels of support:
Bronze (up to $49.00)
Silver ($50-$100)

Gold ($101-$184)
Platinum ($185 and above)

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