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Your Opportunity to Serve

The Church Guild and Racial Justice Group are open to everyone. For all other groups, one needs to be a member of South Church. 

Faith Formation Ministry

This ministry, together with the clergy and appropriate church staff is responsible for the general supervision of all Christian educational programs.  This ministry also works to bring individuals into the fellowship and service of the Church, including the cultivation, preparation, and assimilation of new members.  This ministry meets once a month. 

Faith In Action Ministry

This ministry is responsible for stimulating, educating, and guiding the congregation to share resources and identify and engage in opportunities for service in the Concord community and throughout the world.  This ministry meets once a month.

Giving Ministry

This ministry is responsible for the church's business and financial affairs (annual report), the care of its physical property, and our pledge campaign.  This ministry meets once a month.

Property Stewardship Ministry

This ministry is responsible for the maintenance, repair, upkeep, and preservation of the church's physical property on Pleasant Street and our rental property at 6 South State.  They work closely with the Giving Ministry.  This ministry generally meets monthly and at other times as necessary.

Worship & Spiritual
Life Ministry

This ministry, in cooperation with the clergy, shall have charge of the spiritual life of the Church, including worship services, music during services, celebration of the sacraments, caring for Members, Associate Members, and Parishioners with Christian love, and providing counsel to all ministries, 4-way covenants, boards and committees on matters affecting the spiritual life of the church.

Personnel Committee

This ministry is responsible for the support staff of the church.  Their task is to create and maintain job descriptions as needed, as well as hear grievances and seek to resolve disputes which may arise between staff, clergy, ministries, boards, or committees they work with.  This ministry meets as needed, but at least once a year.

Delegates Committee

Represents the Church at meetings of the New Hampshire Conference, the Merrimack Association, the Greater Concord Interfaith Council and such other religious meetings and ecclesiastical councils outside the local fellowship as may require delegates from this Church

Church Guild

This committee shall be responsible for making preparations for monthly communion which includes set-up and clean-up.  As well as arranging for and hosting most Church receptions as needed which includes: arranging appropriate numbers of members to host reception, calling bakers, set-up, serving, and clean-up.

Relief Society

The Relief Society was founded in 1882 by Franklin Evans in memory of his wife with $200. This group provides financial assistance to in Emergency Assistance Network, and through Pastor/Parishioner requests. The committee is funded through contributions given by the congregation during communion offerings in October, tributes in memory of loved ones and interest from invested funds

Pastor's Aid

Members visit South Church members on who have been designated as "shut-ins" by the Pastor. Usually monthly visits. Friendships develop through these visits. At times it's possible to take our "designee" out for a ride or ice cream. We also give them a plant or ornament at Christmas time and a plant at Easter. Communion may be offered.

Lay Ministry Visitors

At the request of the pastor, Lay Ministry Visitors offer a home visit to members of the congregation who are in times of transition, such as a birth or death in the family, new members of the church, loss of job, upcoming or recent surgery. Whether these events are joyous or painful, Visitors seek to offer compassionate, advice-free, judgment-free listening.  By offering our presence and our affirmation, Visitors try to embody the caring and concern of South Church and of God.  This ministry meets once a month. 

Racial Justice Action Group

Working to raise awareness, encourage learning and discussion of the need to dismantle all barriers to full inclusion and to welcome and support all people, including those with differing appearances, identities, cultures, traditions, and geographical origins, as we move toward becoming a Racial Justice Church.

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