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Pledge Frequently Asked Questions

What Is meant by “pledging” ?

Members are asked to state an amount of money they intend to give South Church weekly or monthly for a ‘pledge period’ of one year.


What is the South Church’s pledge period?

The pledge period (dates during which weekly or monthly pledges are collected) runs for a year and aligns with South Church’s fiscal year, which, this year, runs from July 1, 2024 thru June 30, 2025. 


How does the church use the pledge contributions? 

The pledged contributions provide the financial support needed to carry out the church’s work- and to thrive. 

Specifically, the total of the pledges become the primary basis of the church budget. The church budget includes funds for church programming, outreach work in the community, building operations and staff expenses.


What and when is the South Church pledge drive?

A pledge drive or pledge campaign is the period of time during which members are invited to pledge an amount of money to the church for the coming fiscal year. 

This year the pledge drive will run from mid - January 2024 through the end of February 2024. The pledges will financially support the work of South Church from July 1,2024 through June 30, 2025.


What happens during the pledge drive?

During the pledge drive or pledge campaign, Church members will receive a letter by postal mail with an invitation to pledge as well as a pledge card to complete and return to the church. 

There will also be opportunities to learn about the why and how of pledging from the Giving Committee, from member testimonials and through a variety of Church communication networks.  


I have not received a pledge letter in the mail. What should I do? 

Call the church office (603-224-2521) or email ( to request a pledge letter and card.


I have not pledged in the past, but would like to pledge this year.  What should I do?

Call the church office (603-224-2521) or email ( to request a pledge letter and card.


Why are members asked to pledge so far in advance of when the funds will be used?

In order to develop a church budget for the upcoming fiscal year (July 1, 2024 through June 30, 2025), the budget planners need to know what income to expect during that period. 

The pledge campaign starts in January and ends in February to then allow enough time to develop a budget based on pledged amounts. The budget needs to be in place before the Church Annual Meeting in May when the congregation will vote on its approval.

Members are asked to start to fulfill their pledged amount beginning July 1, 2024.


How much should I pledge?

This is a personal decision that each person should consider prayerfully. Keep in mind fulfilled pledges are critical to the financial health of our church, necessary to meet our obligations and support the work of our church.

The pledge card you get in the mail (or from the church office) has guidelines to help you think about your pledge amount.

Members who have never pledged should consider getting involved this year. Members who have pledged in the past are asked to consider increasing their pledge. If a member is unable to pledge, we welcome your prayer and service.


Once I complete my pledge card, how do I return it to the church?

You may mail or drop the card off to the church office or you may drop it in the offering plate. Or you may email the church with the amount you intend to pledge and whether you intend to provide your pledged amount weekly or monthly. 

If you have any further questions, please contact the office at

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