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June 6, 2021                        "Saying Yes"
May 23, 2021                      Youth Sunday and Senior Reflections

May 16, 2021                      Spiritual Pilgrimage:  Jed and Sean Reflect
May 9, 2021                        Virtual Worship
May 2, 2021                        Virtual Worship
April 11, 2021                      Reflections from the United Church of Christ
Easter Morning 9 am      What are You Doing with Your Comma?
Maundy Thursday           Virtual Worship
Sunday, March 14:           (Lent 4) Memorial Beads Tapestry Dedication
Sunday, March 7:             (Lent 3)  Questioning Quest 
Sunday, February 28:       (Lent 2)  Following the Way
Sunday, February  21:       (Lent 1)  Lighting the Way
Sunday, February 14:        Sacred Conversation:  Our Racial Justice Guides
Sunday, January 24:          Lord Knows We've Got to Change
Sunday, January 17:           Walking the Road to a Bigger Hope
Wednesday, January 13:  A Prayer Service for Our Nation (speaker view only)
Sunday, January 10:         Ring Out the Bells of Hope!
Sunday, January 3:             Epiphany Tableau

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