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Get Movin' 185 Challenge!

185 Challenge Participants

Abigail Charbeneau
18.5 mile Bike (x2)
Alison Nyhan
walk 185 miles over 8 weeks
Barbara Nicholson
Walking the HHH campus 1.85+ miles per day
Becky Field
rowing machine 18.5 minutes (x3)
Brynne Rardin
biking 18.5 miles in Germany
Carlene Ruesenberg
18.5 mile Bike
Carolyn Kerr
swim 18.5 laps, walk 1.85 miles
Celeste McQuarrie
Write a checklist of 185 Ways to Build Hope
David Reynolds
Deb Imse
18.5 mile Walk
Deb Lincoln
Playing 185 songs on my flute or piccolo
Don Hayes
walk 18.5 miles
Elizabeth Garlo
Picking up 185+ pieces of litter in her neighborhood.
Janet Zeller
Wheeling 1 mile 8 times in 5 days
Janice Dutton
Cleaning out 18.5 bags or boxes of stuff from my house
Jay Haines
Jed Rardin
biking 18.5 miles in Germany
Jill Smart
Deadlift 185lbs 5x
Joan Borton
Swim 18.5 lengths of a pool, 2x
Kayla Pingree
Dancing 18.5 Minutes per day
Laura J. Knoy
1 mile Swim, 8 mile Bike, 5 mile Hike
Laura-Jean Gilbert
walk 18.5 miles
Laurie Rardin
biking 18.5 miles in Germany
Leanne Tigert
Play, on the mandolin, 185 measures of Celtic tunes
Lorens Jorgensen
Run 1.85 miles per day
Marta Rardin
biking 18.5 miles in Germany
Martha Burnham
Writing 185 cards to Servicemen through the "Holiday Cards Four Our Military NH Challenge"
Nancy Roberts
Bake 18.5 Banana Breads to give to Food Pantry
Ro Metcalf
Bake 18 muffins a day and give them to neighbors
Robert Butterworth
Sean Dunker-Bendigo
Shasta Jorgensen
walk 1.85 miles per day
Susan Hatem
pickup 185 pieces of roadside trash
Suzanne Winchester
pickup roadside trash while walking 185 minutes
Walt Irvine
Lift 158lbs over head
Zib Corell
Swimming 18.5 laps

*This list will be updated weekly on Fridays.

To Sponsor

You can sponsor one of our participants individually, or the event as a whole. 

We have four levels of support:

  • Bronze (up to $49.00)

  • Silver ($50-$100)

  • Gold ($101-$184)

  • Platinum ($185 and above)

To sponsor individual or team participants, please see the list of current participants below. Complete the Sponsorship Form and return it to the office along with a check. Or, complete the form online and submit payment online here

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