Faith in Action

Monthly Mission

Family Promise

The South Church Council has made a promise on behalf of our church family; they voted to provide two or three families in care of Family Promise of Greater Concord a place to stay the week of August 8 to13. We have long supported

efforts to end homelessness. We hosted individual adults in need of winter overnight shelter for years and continue to contribute funds to the Concord Coalition to End Homelessness. In support and celebration, the Faith in Action Ministry has designated the Family Promise organization as June’s Monthly Mission.


Family Promise's mission is to assist families out of homelessness. It defines families as one parent and one dependent child. Families entering the program are working to stay together, to provide a safe environment for their children and gain economic independence. They must be drug-free, have transportation and a source of income. The Family Promise Resource Center allows families daytime access to showers, a play space, job skills and house hunting. It's a four-year-old organization that is part of a nationwide, interfaith network. In Greater Concord, 13 faith communities serve as host sites on a rotating basis.  


South Church also raised money for Family Promise by designating it one of the three Christmas "Alternative Gift Giving'' opportunities. Our goal is that we will be hosting guests the week of August 8 to13 from 5:30p.m. to 7:30a.m. Our members Peggy Scott and Cindy Rogers will serve as coordinators for the week. As part of our church family, perhaps you could promise a Monthly Mission donation, breakfast items, a prepared dinner, or your overnight presence. For more information contact Peggy Scott.