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News and Updates!

Volunteers Needed!
August, 2023

South Church is looking for volunteers! Details about the different opportunities are below.

Lay Readers and Ushers -Volunteers are vital part to our worship services. Without volunteers, worship services would not be engaging and exciting. Would you be interested in being more involved in the church service? Have you thought about reading the scripture lesson during the 8 a.m. or 10 a.m.
worship service? Have you thought about being an usher during the 10 a.m. worship service? We are always looking for volunteers and we are willing to train. Reading scripture is exactly how is sounds, you would read the scripture lesson for the morning’s sermon. During the 8 a.m. service, it is casual,
but during the 10 a.m. worship you would need to use the mic (and we are willing to walk you through this on a Sunday morning or during the week.) Generally, you are e-mailed the lesson the Friday before you read. Currently, ushering only takes place at the 10 a.m. worship service. If you volunteer to usher during worship, you will need to arrive about twenty minutes early to hand out the bulletins. Once the service starts, your job is to count people in the sanctuary and collect the offering.

If you are interested in volunteering for the 8 a.m. worship service, click here.

If you are interested in volunteering for the 10 a.m. worship service, click here.

Temple Childcare - South Church and Temple Beth Jacob have had a reciprocal agreement to assist one another with childcare during high holy days for many years. Once again, South Church volunteers has been asked to provide childcare at the Temple during Rosh Hashanah on Saturday, September 16 and Yom Kippur on Monday, September 25. If you are interested in helping, please sign-up today!

Memorial BellsSouth Church owns a full set of bells and chimes which can be played by as many as 13 or 14 people! We currently have seven dedicated bell players who attend rehearsals every Wednesday from 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. to play, laugh, pray, and support each other. Handbells fosters a unique community, and these folks are a great community to be with. Would you consider joining us? The ability to read music is a plus, but not necessarily a requirement. We can start you off learning the basics and before you know it, you will be making beautiful music with us! Please contact Carlene Ruesenberg with questions.


Baking for Guild Events Do you enjoy baking? The Guild is looking for people to volunteer to bake for guild events. We are always in need of people to help with receptions and special events. Guild members will call upon volunteers as needed; we are all busy, so if you get  a call for one event and are unable to help, maybe the next event will fit your schedule better. If you are interested in being added to the list of bakers, please contact Kayla in the office.

CCEH - The Concord Coalition to End Homelessness has been approved to get an AmeriCorps VISTA volunteer to work for CCEH for the next two years.  Because the AmeriCorps program only provides its VISTA Volunteers with a small stipend per year, CCEH is seeking one or several persons to help arrange for free or low cost lodging. If you, or someone you know, would be willing to offer a recent college grad who has been vetted by AmeriCorps and who is passionate about ending poverty and building community a place to stay, either long or short-term, in the next two years, please contact Ellen Fries: or 603-568-5880.

We have another update on the pastoral search process to share. You all are likely aware that we’re preparing for a change in leadership sometime in the middle of next year - and as mentioned before, this process of finding a new pastor is not dissimilar to online dating. So far, there’s been a group of us working on preparing the church equivalent of an online dating profile. We've been collecting cute pictures, writing descriptions of all the fun things we like to do, and pulling together a full overview of our finances.

Last time we updated you all, it was to say that we’d finished the profile and submitted it for approval by the UCC…and we're happy to report that it was approved with flying colors. The implication of that approval is that our profile is actually online now and prospective mates are reviewing it, deciding if they’d like to come dance with us. So the fun is about to begin

But an important note about this part of the process - we can’t kiss and tell! To protect the integrity of the process, the back-and-forth of getting to know potential pastors is confidential. Many of these folks are employed at other churches, so you can imagine the need for privacy while they explore a potential departure. And this process may take a while, so we’ll try to keep the congregation in the loop as we’re able - but we may be quieter in this next phase of the process than it has been in up to this point.

So - just like the friends or family of anybody who’s in the process of searching for a mate - we ask for your prayers and support and patience…and some healthy boundaries.

Search Committee Update
July 23, 2023

Living Out the Promise
June 1, 2023

A few days before our affirmative Racial Justice vote, someone from the
volunteer leadership of the Conference called me and said, “I hope you all are
not going to wear this as a badge of honor.”

“Not at all,” I said. “We wear it as a badge of obligation and desire.”

First, thank you all for your support and investment. Judging from the spontaneous standing ovation, this is something that speaks to our hearts
and to our identity as a congregation. Our vote was three years in the
making, and we on the Racial Justice Action Group are very grateful to all of
you for your support of, and participation in, this journey.

Now for the next step. Our declaration needs to be very public. We will put
the phrase “A Racial Justice Church” on our sign out front, in our bulletin, in
our e-Lation!, and in the literature we send out. Now that we have declared
who we are, we need to keep declaring it. People need to know that we can be
trusted to welcome them as we would welcome anybody, and that we will serve as advocates of their full humanity.

We will also create a special page on the website where you can find alerts
about upcoming bills in the New Hampshire legislature and in Washington
that threaten Black, LatinX, Asian, Native, and other P.O.C. Americans
and their rights and freedoms. We will keep you posted.

With faithful and grateful hearts,
Rev. Jed and the members of the Racial Justice Action Group

Assistive Listening Devices

Having difficulty hearing in the sanctuary? The assistive listening options are here to help, even if you don’t wear hearing aids.  Your first connection setup will take about 10 minutes with a Setup Helper to explain all the options and get you connected. The Setup Helpers will be in the back of the sanctuary on Sundays at 9 AM. Please come early to avoid the crowd.

         Option 1: Use your own smartphone to use it to connect to our system, there are several steps you’ll need to complete at home before your first setup at church. Those How-To directions are here.

         Option 2: Use one of the church’s numerous assistive listening devices.  At your first setup, the Setup Helper will help you select which of the devices will work best for you. They will also show you how it works.

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